Little Sam & Dean Winchester, and Papa Winchester

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Fic: Standing By
SPN: Winchester boys
canonisrelative wrote in weechesterfic
Title: Standing By
Rating: PG
Characters: Sammy & Dean Winchester, and their awesome daddy
Word Count: 3200
Sam is 11, Dean is about to turn 16. They’ve been living for months in a little town outside of Madison, Wisconsin, and John says it’s time to go. But Sam wants Dean to have a real birthday, for once, and talks their dad into letting them stay for just one more day so he and Dean can play laser tag and make Star Wars jokes and be kids together, just for a few hours.

Over the years, the stories they tell about this night will change, of course. But nothing can change the fact that every January when his birthday rolls around Dean feels like he’s sixteen again. Nothing can change the way he calls Sammy Wedge Antilles and Sam replies Standing by. The way their hands come together like magnets, banishing the space between them, between now and then, if only for an instant.

Read it here.

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The perfect blend of bitter and sweet. I really enjoyed it!

Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed it :)

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