Little Sam & Dean Winchester, and Papa Winchester

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Weechester Drabbles
alastair dean
tifaching wrote in weechesterfic
I just found your comm and it says it's okay to repost older fics, so I'm going to repost my wee!chester fic here.  I'm starting with a couple of drabbles, hope you enjoy!

Title:  The Show
Characters:  Sam , Dean
Rating: G
Genre: Gen, preseries
Word count: 100
Summary:  Sam and Dean have a tradition
For the prompt  entertainment at   supernatural100

It was well past midnight when Dean shook Sam awake.  )

Title: Hide and Seek
Characters:  John, Dean, Sam
Genre:  gen, wee!chesters
Summary:  Dean takes care of Sammy.  Sammy thinks it's a game
Word count: 100
For the prompt:  Found  at [info]supernatural100

It’s dark in the house but he doesn’t turn on a light- doesn’t call out- doesn’t know what still might be here.  )


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